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Chatsworth Air Conditioning Company Launches New Blog

Posted On September 16, 2014 by Admin

Premium Air, Inc. has become one of the fastest-growing and most-respected HVAC companies in Los Angeles County. From installation to service, our commitment to building a long lasting relationships and providing quality customer care is evident in everything we do. With years of experience in the HVAC industry, our customers know they can count on us for their residential and commercial HVAC needs. Whether elementary or multi-faceted, every project we undertake is completed on time and within budget by a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations.

When you hire Premium Air, Inc. you can rest assured knowing we won’t stop until your job is done. We deliver on our commitments, always have and always will. But don’t take our word for it, we encourage you to contact our customers to learn more about their experiences with us.

We understand that a heating and air conditioning system isn’t just a purchase; it’s a long-term investment. As an established member of the community, we’re here for you now and we’ll be here in the future. We live, work and play where you do and like to think we’re your partner rather than another local business. If you need to replace an existing HVAC system or need a brand new system for a new construction project, you can count on Premium Air, Inc. We are fully licensed and insured and we specialize in all major HVAC units. Superior products, quality service, honesty and professionalism. That’s what you get when you choose Premium Air, Inc.

Why Are We Different?

Why is Premium Air inc different from other Air conditioning companies in Los angeles? Simply because our number one priority is our clients. We do what is needed to help our clients in any way possible. Our second greatest asset is our employee”s and they are what make Premium Air inc what it is today. Why are our employees so good? Our customer service is always top notch, we are on time, we”re friendly, and most off all we”re extremely knowledgeable on anything Air conditioning and heating. Since we live in LA, it”s mostly hot, so we do a lot of Air-conditioning service jobs but we can help you heat your home better than any other company.

We are also different because we have good and honest pricing. We won”t charge you a fortune to get a simple job done. Our estimated quotes are calculated to make it very most affordable to get your ac job done. We also accomplish Air conditioning services on a large scale as well. We do residential, industrial, and commercial and we”ve got the team to put your new air conditioning system to work. Our specialty and knowledge about the industry allows us to excel over our competitors and we can install, repair, and service any heating or ac system to fit your needs. Comfort and personalization is important to consider when it comes to installing your new air conditioning units but we can guarantee that our representatives will consider all these options on your first meeting and we will layout all the possibilities and options to choose from so your home or commercial property will be a comfort zone.